Tiff Finney teaches the sexy fundamentals of pole dancing

This months featured add-on class is Sexy Fundamentals. Let me tell you all about how and why this class is an absolute staple to pole training at Pole Physique…

If you ever get that feeling that you resemble more of a corpse in shorts rather than an effortlessly slinking goddess then this class will sort you right out. Many of you tell me a lot that you just cannot dance. Everyone can dance exotic style beautifully when they know the secrets. Rather than saying “ok now body wave, now drop, and triple hair flick up”, we break everything down into simple techniques. Just like ballet, street and tap, exotic pole dance has its own rules. Ones you would never have thought of. Knowing these base techniques means that you won’t need to be taught how to body wave, hair flick or walk. Why? Because you will know how every exotic movement is constructed. Therefore, not only will you be able to perform the dance movements, you will be able to create brand new ones, add variations to them and the holy grail that you will acquire-Freestyle. Honestly! Freestyling equals nightmare on earth to most pole dancers. But not when you have learned the Sexy Fundamentals.

Some girls will just pick them up straight away, some take longer. It’s exactly when learning pole tricks or anything else in life for that matter. But one thing is for sure- this class is going nowhere so attend as many as you damn well like.

This is an exclusive class to students holding a current Membership with us. Level 1 Membership Level 1 holders can purchase this as an extra class on top of your current 4 week course here. Level 2&3 Membership holders can attend this class as part of your membership package or as an extra class.

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