Pole Plateau?

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So, you’ve been coming to pole class regularly. You’re trying really hard. But you just seem stuck. You feel like you’re not getting stronger as quickly as you wanted to or nailing tricks as fast as you want to. Its the most frustrating thing and can make us lose motivation. Here are 10 tips and insights that I think will help in getting over that Pole Plateau.

1. Sometimes- Going Back Results In Going Forward
So there’s a strength trick that feels about 3 years away from achieving. Thats a long time. It makes us want to scream! I always say that it’s the FIRST part of a trick that results in success or failure of a trick/spin. Very often, successfully nailing a trick is about pure technique. If you get the technique of the first part correct, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will find the rest of the trick so much more simple. Go back and concentrate on the first part. Are you engaging your shoulders, are you in the right position? Probably not if you’re nowhere near to completing the trick/spin.
If you are performing the first technique correctly and your body just isn’t up to the lift/pull/push, ask for a trick that targets that particular motion that will help you to achieve your goal. So if you’re trying to climb but can’t get the first lift, you can practice Fireman Knee Hold (which is also a mega fun spin). Then, when you’ve had fun practicing and perfecting this, you can go back to the Climb and you will see a big difference. Going back isn’t a negative. All it means is that you are making your foundation of technique as solid as possible so that you can perform your work cleanly. Performing moves cleanly, accurately and seamlessly is way more fun than shakily getting into/falling out of ambitious tricks.

2- Go Back To That Old Trick That Was Hard- It’s Easy Now!!
Remember a few months ago when that spin was so hard? And now you’re struggling with your current moves too. Gaaahhh. Why me!? Well, a few months is a long time. In that few months you’ve worked on increasingly difficult tricks. Therefore your strength, technique, body awareness, balance and confidence will have improved without you realising it. Go back and try that bugger of a move from yonks ago that you have always avoided. Chances are you’ll be able to do it now. And then you can revel in your greatness and know that actually, you HAVE improved!

3. Failure Is Good. Really Good
It sounds contradictory but it’s proper true. God, I remember the days of trying to get that bloody Invert!!! That was the bain of my life. But I looked at it like this: Every move we want to achieve takes an X number of times before we can actually do it. The issue is that we don’t know how many X is. Therefore, get your arse in gear and do it. The more times you attempt the trick, the closer you will be to getting it. Let’s say that X is 205. You have 2 choices; either crack on and do as many per session as possible so that you will reduce the time needed to achieve it or just hang about not doing it. Simple. Enjoy each failure because each one is bringing you closer to that sweet sweet success. It feels euphoric!

4. Why Did You Start Pole?
Whatever the reason, look at them and go for them. Want to burn calories? Well even when you’re not getting those moves you’re working on- you’ll be burning more calories trying to get them with all that effort than when you can easily perform the tricks. Same goes for toning. If it was because you wanted to have fun, then make sure you have fun. Don’t get bogged down with the problem moves. Play with your pirouettes and body rolls with your classmates, laugh with your classmates. Enjoy the music. You get the idea..

5. You’re Comparing Yourself Aren’t You?
There will always be people that are stronger, or can dance with more ease or just pick everything up faster. In the very same way that YOU will possess a quality that others look up to in pole class. You may think you’re the one getting nowhere but I have never met a pole student yet that didn’t own a special quality. Honestly. Comparing your own progress to others just makes you scale your progress based on their progress. Which is messed up. So what if someone gets a trick quicker than you and when they started classes later than you. They will come across their own plateau like everyone else. Just deal with your own. I have problem areas. But I don’t think that I have plateaued or that I am rubbish because of it. I just try and achieve my own goals. It’s MUCH more fun that way!

6. Are You Actually Doing What YOU Want To Do?
Are you just working on a particular trick because you have seen others get it so you feel that you need to hurry up and get it too? There is no need. It’s great to have a nemesis to conquer but make sure it’s the one that YOU are dying to get. Why not try a different Class Type? So if you want a break from your curriculum/routine, then try out a different class. We have loads of different styles of pole classes to suit everyone. Try it! You could be missing out on your calling in life 😉

7. Put Your Face Straight & Get Your Ass Moving
Do MORE. If you want to achieve maximum results in minimum time then go hung ho. Come and use the practice room, get someone to buy you a pole for the house, attend more classes. All those things. Also, do more in the classes that you do come to. Ask yourself if you spend more time thinking about trying tricks than actually doing them. Set yourself a goal before class. For example, promise yourself that you will do Invert 20 times. Even if you don’t nail it, you will go home sweaty, endorphin filled and feel good that you set a goal and went with it. It’ll give you motivation to come back and do it again.

8. Technique First- Aesthetic Later
We sometimes try to walk before we can crawl. We don’t just want to be able to just about hoist up in to a trick, we want it to look world stage worthy and done with ease. I get students that always say ‘oh how do I invert and make it look like you do’? To that, the answer is time. You have to plough through and do it loads and loads and loads until the technique becomes second nature. Then you can add flair to it and make it look and feel really cool. Perseverance. Don’t just stop working on a trick and move on when you have done it once. Keep working on it. You will find that that difficult, energy draining move will become your signature trick and you want to show it off constantly!

9. You Are Not Alone (I am here with you)
Chances are, pretty much everyone else in your class will be going through the same woes, struggles and worries as you. Strength in numbers and all that! It’s actually comforting to know, right? Chat to each other before class. Set goals with each other. Take photos/videos together, celebrate together. You may have different tricks that you’re struggling with but you’ll all, for sure, have the same issues. Also get on to our student group page and chat away there. Everyone is there to share your journey with you.

10. Ask Questions
Don’t just avoid the problem areas or tricks. Ask your instructor. Your instructor is there to help and will always have advice and ideas. Some people dread me coming to their pole to help. But, if you just go with it and open up and ask for help and make yourself face the problem tricks, it means that you’re going to be able to work them out and then ultimately nail that mother fucker. Its like ignoring a debt letter and hoping it will go away. It won’t. And you will spend most of your time thinking that you should deal with it. When you do deal with it, you can breathe, smile and get passed that plateau.

Hope this helps! Let’s get on it! Tiff xxx

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