Pole Physique Showcase

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Tiff Finney in her 10inch heels

So, its time for YOU to perform. Pole Physique have spent the last few years really going to town on being the best Academy it can be. The main priority has been ensuring that the classes and their content are the highest standard of quality they can be, and without tooting too loudly on the ol’ horn, we are achieving just that. So now it’s time for YOU, your instructors and fellow students to have your very own showcase to show your friends and family just how hard you have worked and why you are proud to be a part of the Pole Physique Family. So let’s discuss deets..



The Pole Physique Showcase is a non-competitive event for all of you and your instructors to get on stage and pole to your favourite song with your friends, family and fellow Pole Physique Family to cheer you on. Whether you are new to our classes or part of the furniture, we want you to get on stage and have your moment. You deserve it. This is what we are thinking:

  • Theme: It’s not all about the hardest tricks. You may just want to slink around on the floor, perform some pole flow, perform one of your previously graduated routines, do some comedy, freestyle, do all of your hardest tricks or a mix of all of these. Your level is not important at all. Just get out there and do what makes you feel good.


  • Venue: We have looked at some venues and are sorting logistics before confirming a venue. But it will be in Glasgow itself as central as possible.


  • Date: We want you to have a bit of time to get your head around taking the plunge and to practice and perfect your chosen routine. We are thinking Fri eve June 26th or Sat eve June 27th. That gives you 4 months to get prepared! The show will last approx 2 – 3 hours. After that, we can hit the town together to celebrate!


  • Photographer/Videographer: We will book both. You can purchase professional photographs of your performance and even buy a shoot in your costume before the actual show. We will also have a videographer filming the show so that you can purchase your performance and watch it back forever. Trust us, you will want to. It takes guts to get up on stage so you will want to re-live your moment time and time again.


  • Audience: The show will not be for general public. Only students, students’ friends and family will be able to attend. We understand that it can be scary getting on stage, and for most, it will be your first time. The last thing you want is for a bunch of rowdy guys hollering at you! Tickets will be available to purchase from the studio soon.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you want to be apart of the Pole Physique Showcase? Already have a song that you want to claim before anyone else does? Have ideas that you want to share? Know another venue that you think would be perfect? Reply on the comment thread below and we can chat away!



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