Pole Physique does Miss Pole Dance UK 2015

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heidi green

So, one of the biggest pole competitions of the year is Miss Pole Dance UK. Our Flexy Stretch instructor Heidi Hildersley qualified to compete in the grand final!! This in itself was a huge huge achievement. The line up was probably the best it’s ever been. So here is the low down on what happened on the big day…

Heidi has rehearsed like mad for this competition. The theme was the “Hunger Games”. So natch, she got hold of a snazzy bow and arrow, a costume with an abundance of rhinestones shaped and coloured as amazing flames, and even had her hair professionally done for the occasion.

She worked so hard on new combos, tricks and also dance choreography. I came up with the dance choreo. I must have an inner contemporary dancer dying to get. I got to pretend I was Patrick Swayze and shout “more tension”, “do it like you mean it”. Heidi worked mega hard on everything and I am so proud of her!!

Also on the day, our Level 3 student Kirsten, owner of Pole Junkie travelled down too to vendor all of their amazing clobber too. This would have been nice for Heidi to get the extra support.

So, Heidi performed her heart out and said that she had performed it the best she had ever done it. I think it helped having her fella go and watch her for the first time too. Unfortunately she didn’t win but that’s not what it was about. Qualifying for this competition alone was a huge deal and the competitor list was probably the most ferocious it has ever been.

Seeing the scores, Heidi did incredibly well and she was really happy with the way the routine went. She changed her very last combo slightly because her arms were on fire from exhaustion. After seeing the routine, I am not surprised. So, Heidi then had a couple of days travelling to stay with friends to celebrate the achievement. We are all SO PROUD of you Heidi. We are still waiting for the YouTube video, but rest assured we will upload it to our Facebook page as soon as the video is uploaded.

I am sure she is already planning her next competition…

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