Pole Physique Level 2/3 New Feature

Tiff Finney teaches classes at Pole Physique

Something I have thought about for a good while and tried to implement is giving our advanced students as much flexibility as possible. This started with lowering the cancellation times, building an online system where you can choose all of your classes as and when you want them, choosing how many classes you buy (with a greater discount for the more classes you buy), the new Add On Class feature (there is another blog about this in your newsletter) and also allowing a big choice of classes that you can mix and match too. But I wanted something extra and the booking account now has the feature to allow us to do it…

Now you don’t have to wait for set start dates! No more worrying about pay day arriving after the start date of the classes. Yeehaa.

Benefits of the new flexible membership feature

1. You can purchase your 4 week membership whenever you like to suit your financial/social schedule.

2. Rather than the memberships having a set end date, instead, the membership will run for 4 weeks from the day you purchase it! This will mean you won’t have to squeeze in all of your classes and use them by the end of the month. You have 4 weeks from the day YOU purchase your membership rather than when we stipulate any dates.

3. You can also buy the membership on ‘repeat’ whenever you like as opposed to waiting for the next months membership to become available and re-registering all of your details.

4. Don’t forget, you can choose how many classes you attend in your membership too. The greater the ‘Class Pack’ number you purchase, the bigger the discount you receive! If you can only commit to a set number of Classes then you also have the option to buy one-off  ‘Add on Classes’ at any time during your Membership too (more info of this on the blog page and your newsletter) if extra pennies come your way or if you decide you want extra pole time during your membership.

Really hope you enjoy the new feature and get the most from the flexibility. Feel free to add comments or questions on the thread below xx

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