This months Featured Student is… Heather. Heather has absolutely no idea how much other people in (and out of) the studio ogle and swoon at her and her pole movement. I have been trying for a long time to show this girl how beautiful she is as a person and pole dancer. Part of her charm is that she will never really know how great she really is but I will keep going until she sees what she has. The improvement in Heather’s pole work and confidence is astounding in the time she has been taking private tuition and I look forward to seeing her each and every week. Hear what this blonde bombshell has to say about her pole journey….




Trainee Construction Planner

How long have you been a Pole Physique student?

4 years (and a stint from 2005-2006 also with Pole Physique but it was nowhere near like the pole empire it is today )

What is your favourite class type and why?

I usually do private lessons as I am extremely lazy and love nothing more than sitting or lying on the floor at any given opportunity in class (which doesn’t do much for my dance skills, but a great rest all the same.. Anyway, in a Private lesson I don’t quite have that luxury.. From the minute I get there until I leave Tiff is throwing all sorts of moves at you until you literally cannot breathe!! But it feels amazing afterwards!!

What is your favourite pole move and why?

I don’t really have a favourite move, I just enjoy learning different tricks, trying out some floorwork and all the inbetweenie bits that I’m not too great at, looking graceful doesn’t seem to be my thing. I should have mentioned above that I have really enjoyed the Sexy Fund and Exotic Dance as they teach me how to move like I want to be able too!

What is your nemisis and why?

Aerial Shoulder Mount

What do you wear to class? Is this what you want to wear?

Pants, bikinis, crop tops, leggings (depends on the weather really)

How long did you think about taking a pole class before you actually too the plunge?

5 years

Why pole at Pole Physique?

After stopping in 2006 I had always really missed pole and I eventually decided to go back in 2011. I decided on Pole Physique as that is where I poled previously. I had the pleasure of meeting and dancing with the new owner Tiff and could not believe the variety and amount of moves that had come out over that 5 year period, it was pretty scary.. I still have my old notes which had about 25-30 moves on it and the most advanced was Superman! It has been a totally different dancing experience this time around as I have had to go back to basics, apparently the monkey climb is now not acceptable!

What are your Pole Goals for 2015?

To get to lessons on time and also practice at home.

What do your friends and family reckon to this pole malarky?

My family are absolutely fine about my dancing and they know it makes me happy and that absolutely love coming to classes..

Is there anyone you haven’t told? Why?

Most people in work know that I dance and whoever doesn’t know, I just haven’t come across them yet.

Advice you would give to those still not signed up?

You really don’t know what you’re missing.. It is a fantastic way to stay fit, its good fun and there is a great group of girls waiting to dance with you!

Thank you Heather! If you would like the chance to be our next Featured Student then email with the subject Featured Student and we will send you the package xxx

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