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This months Featured Student is… Louise!! We all love this girl. She is an out and out pole lover. Always sharing links and videos with her peers to make our community fun and motivated, Louise is a always a pleasure and never a chore as they say. She also has a special performance lined up to treat us with at the Pole Physique Showcase next month too. Here is Louise’s lovely interview…




Geotechnical Engineer

How long have you been a Pole Physique student?

I practiced pole at PP for just under a year but had a bit of a photobombing accident which led to me separating my shoulder. After a year of rest and physio, I’ve been back for my first block in January of this year.

What is your favourite class type and why?

I really love the sexy fundamentals class. Being sexy doesn’t come naturally to me, throughout my teenage years I was crippled by shyness. Too shy to ask for anything in a shop, too shy to phone people, too shy to wear a swimsuit; You get the idea, I was just a little weirdo who was most comfortable in a baggy checked shirt, sitting with my arms folded, listening to Nirvana. As I’ve grown up I’m no longer as shy and I really love learning new ways to be sexy and how to fit these into my usual pole class and practice. I no longer feel awkward or wooden when hair flicking or body waving and I adore a good hip roll sesh on the dance floor.

What is your favourite pole move and why?

Although it’s a relatively easy move for most, I really, really love Butterfly. I just think it’s one of those moves that looks so different depending on who is doing it. It looks good with everyone, regardless of ability or flexibility. I now think I have perfected it and I really love the shape that I can make. Having been blessed with a freaky flexi back I like to just hang there and slowly see how far I can get my back to stretch.

What is your nemesis and why?

Teddy! I have been trying for over a year to get this bad boy. It burns like a thousand suns and for whatever reason, no matter how hard I push myself into the pole, no matter how black my bruises, I just will not stick for longer than a split second. I’ve made a pact with myself to practice it every time I am in the studio though, as I will not be defeated by a move named after something cuddly and soft.

Note: Since the interview, we are proud to announce that Louise has nailed her Teddy!!!

What do you wear to class? Is this what you want to wear?

I tend to wear a colourful crop top and a pair of trusty black booty shorts. I have several pairs of heels but my favourites are my purple Moon shoes by Pleaser. I just love them! Sometimes if it’s cold or I’m feeling particularly cosy I’ll wear a pair of leg warmers. When I first started I was shy about getting my mid drift and booty out and I actually wore ballet slippers. Now I can’t find shorts short enough and heels high enough.

How long did you think about taking a pole class before you actually too the plunge?

I didn’t ponder the idea for too long, bored of the gym and really not being one for aerobics or gym classes I Googled alternative fitness classes and top of the list was Pole Dancing or Pole Fitness as it was marketed. Three minutes of reading what it was all about and I was sold, I then Googled my nearest Pole School and bought a block of classes the next month.

Why pole at Pole Physique?

PP Is more than just a dance studio; it’s a real community of guys and girls who are all passionate about the same thing. In classes there is a real sense of fun and friendship and none of the jealousy, elitism or cliqueyness I have experienced elsewhere. Whenever someone gets a trick or move, whether it is on the first attempt or after a year of trying, there is a real sense of achievement which is shared by everyone. I also love how PP caters to all tastes; some girls prefer the sexy sensual side to pole while others like the tricks and fitness side. With PP there is no divide between styles and that’s what makes classes so much fun. Each class there is literally always something for someone. It’s not all about strength and ability, one half of the class you can be booty bouncing across the floor the next you can be hanging upside down, you can really make the classes what you want them to be with no pressure to practice one style over the other.

What are your Pole Goals for 2015?

Pole Goal number 1 is already in the bag: Shoulder Mount- all I need to do now is make it look pretty.
My other goals include, tidying up my aerial invert and adding some flare to my leg switch combos. Of course, Yogini has also been escaping me.

What do your friends and family reckon to this pole malarky?

Most of my friends love it, they are always asking me to show them tricks or spins, and now that I have a pole in my living room they are usually keen for twirl or two. If I ever post any pictures on Facebook they are always well received and my friends seem genuinely impressed. My family are supportive and I really think that the taboo surrounding Pole Dance really is not what it used to be. I’m the fittest and healthiest I have ever been and my family can see that it’s something I enjoy.

Is there anyone you haven’t told? Why?

My colleagues at work, not because I am ashamed, if they were to ask me then I would happily tell them but I tend to keep my private life private when it comes to work. I like the idea of being a secret sex siren out of the work place.

Advice you would give to those still not signed up?

Do eet! No matter what reservations you have, I guarantee you that after your first class you will see that there really is nothing to be worried about. We all have our hang ups, we all have something that makes us different. The pole community is such a welcoming place. No matter what your ability, no matter what your taste or style there are so many different aspects to pole that there will definitely be something to suit you.

Where can people follow you?


Thank you so much for this brilliant interview Louise! If you want to be our next Featured Student, send an email to tiff@polephysique.com to ask for our application.

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