Is Kirsten!! Kirsten fully deserves her place as “Featured Student of the Month”. This girl is a huge advocate for Pole Physique. We love her quiet wit and resting bitch face!! She must attend around 8 classes per week and is serious about becoming the best poler she can be. On top of that, she owns Pole Junkie (link in the interview) and gives all of us PP girls and boys free delivery and hand delivers every item straight to the studio! She has competed for Scotland earning 3rd place title in 2014 and Best Costume, natch and will be representing us all at the Authentic Pole Competition UK in June so wish her all the luck in the world for that too! So let’s here all about her busy world of pole…..


Kirsten Fairlie


Co-owner of Pole Junkie – a UK based pole clothing web-store stocking Bad Kitty, RAD and Indi pole wear and all the pole dancing accessories you could ever need.
Oh and the boring day job….Pensions Actuary (yawn)

How long have you been a Pole Physique student?

Almost 2 years.

What is your favourite class type and why?

This is a tough one because I love them all!! However, I think it has to be Exotic Dance – every week we learn a new floor work routine so I leave feeling like I’ve really accomplished something! I went to the first class in January to see what this class was all about and I am now totally hooked – I hate missing it! I can also put into practice everything I have learned in Sexy Fundamentals – its good to pull everything together :)

What is your favourite pole move and why?

Probably Boxflip because I was desperate to learn it as soon as I saw Tiff doing it. I was too chicken to do the flip unaided for so long so I was pretty excited when I finally got over the fear and did it myself!

What is your nemisis and why?

I’m going to have to say shoulder mount – ok I can do it but its ugly! I avoided working on it for ages because I wasn’t good at it (typical). This has to change because there are far too many shouldermount variations I want to learn now!

What do you wear to class? Is this what you want to wear?

Bad Kitty polefit mainly with some RAD pole wear thrown in for good measure, extra long leg warmers, knee pads for Sexy fundamentals and Exotic dance (my poor knees get a lot of abuse and bruise so easily) and my trusty pleaser 7” heels.

How long did you think about taking a pole class before you actually took the plunge?

It took me a whole year to go to my first pole class. I had to convince my flatmate at the time to come with me because I was too scared to go by myself. 4 years later I’m kicking myself for not starting sooner!

Why pole at Pole Physique?

I could go on for for hours but I will keep it brief:

The variety of classes: Just tricks, cirrriculum, Sexy Fundamentals, Exotic Dance, Bootcamp – there really is something for everyone (personally I just want to do everything!!!)
Because you really will be taught by the best. The fact Tiff trains every night after class means the quality of teaching is exceptional and the curriculum is continuously evolving to include all the latest tricks and floor work
The community – the students and instructors are among the friendliest and welcoming polers I’ve met. I’ve made so many friends since starting at PP!

What are your Pole Goals for 2015?

2015 is going to be the year of pole flow – I’m taking everything I learn in Sexy Fundamentals and Exotic Dance and I’m going to practice practice practice!

What do your friends and family reckon to this pole malarky?

I remember getting my Mum to tell my Dad because I was worried what he would say but there was really no need – my whole family couldn’t be more supportive. My non-poler friends think its great and many have been to see me perform in shows and competitions. Any unsupportive friends are no longer my friends 😉

Is there anyone you haven’t told? Why?

I uses to hide it from people but not anymore – it’s too big a part of my life to hide it now!
Advice you would give to those still not signed up?

Do it now – you’ll only regret not starting sooner! Pole has changed my life – I’m happier, more confident and I’ve started a business where I can use my passion for pole on a day to day basis!

Where can people follow you?

Instagram: kiki_polejunkie
And if you are looking to purchase some gorgeous polewear:
Instagram: pole_junkie

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