This months featured student can only be Lesley! We also want to say Happy 30th Birthday too!! A Pole Physique student for many years, Lesley is really a huge part of Pole Physique and the Scottish pole community too. A perfectionist who will work on something for as long as it takes and never wastes a minute of class time, Lesley is also a great laugh, loyal, honest, rarely seen without her heels and also a wonderful mother to her little boy Oscar. Oscar may be a cat but this is an unimportant detail. We interviewed Lesley to find out all about her pole journey so far…



Real name: Lesley. Stage name: Ley Les Rouge
How long have you been a Pole Physique student?

Since 2007 – I might be the longest surviving student!

What is your favourite class type and why?

Curriculum – it takes me ages to learn moves and even longer to get them to a level I’d be happy performing them at so the curriculum class to work away quietly week after week trying to get tricks and put them into a routine is the one for me.

What is your favourite pole move and why?

Ooh, this is a tricky one, nothing in pole comes particularly easy for me so no move tends to stand out straight away but I tend to like tricks that get a good reaction from the audience when I perform them or ones which people associate with me – at the moment its probably the one handed pole handstand backbend thing, no idea what it’s called or keem with devil horns :)

What is your nemisis and why?

Probably front splits, such a basic thing that so many people find straightforward to get but is taking me so much work and I’m still not happy with them. I have been working on these for years and currently stretch for around 4 hours per week but they are still eluding me!

What do you wear to class? Is this what you want to wear?

To class I wear hot pants, a vest top and pole heels, I always wear heels to class and can’t be bothered with the whole heels/no heels argument (on both sides), just wear what you want and stop worrying about other people!
How long did you think about taking a pole class before you actually too the plunge?
I had the idea, had google’d it, found Pole Physique and booked in within a week.

Why pole at Pole Physique?

I like the fact that my teachers are significantly more advanced than me, I think this is crucial, for me, to be able to learn and master new tricks.

What are your Pole Goals for 2015?

Finally graduate my routine! I’ve had the same routine since Aug 2013 and seem to always have external shows which I need to work on routines for so it keeps on getting pushed to the side and picked back up again. It’s getting a bit ridiculous so I need to pass this and move on before I’ve spent 2 years learning 11 moves!

What do your friends and family reckon to this pole malarky?

I’ve been doing it so long now its just a part of who I am.

Is there anyone you haven’t told? Why?

Yep, plenty of people, including everyone I work with. I know the current trend is to be open and proud you are a pole dancer and make sure everyone knows your love of it. However, I started pole dancing when it was a little more risque and that’s what appealed to me. I do alot of other activities to keep fit and they probably work better, for me, for fitness. I do pole because I like the dance and the seedy side of it. Firstly, it’s probably not appropriate for me to brodcast some of those aspects to eveyone I know and secondly I think it would lose the underground edge if I was to.

Advice you would give to those still not signed up?

If you want to, do it!

Where can other students follow you and your pole journey? 

IG – @lesleymc

Thanks Lesley. If you want to be next months featured student then just email tiff@polephysque.com to apply xxx

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