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So something brand new for Pole Physique. You can now buy an ‘Add On Class’ at any time during your membership! So if, during your membership, you really fancy an extra class, you can go ahead and do one. This is for ALL of our students of all levels. Here is how it’s done…

Ok, so you have bought for example, a 4 week course (or 4 class pack if your are Level 2+) and you are 2 weeks in to your classes when you decide that you can’t get enough/want more pole goodness/really fancy trying a new class. Now you can buy an ‘Add On Class’ at a whim.

This is perfect for Level 1 as it gives you a chance to see what else we do at Pole Physique and also gives you extra cool content to work on too. For level 2+ this is a great feature because you may not be able to commit to buying a larger class pack at the start of the membership. Therefore, you can just wait and see if any extra pennies fall in to your lap during the 4 weeks!

How to buy your ‘Add On Class’

1. Go to the Member Account page (located on the website on the Pole Physique-Book Classes tab)

2. Go to the ‘Memberships’ tab on your Member Account like you did when you booked your 4 week membership.

3. Scroll down and choose “Level 1 Add On Class” if you are in Level 1 or “Level 2/3 Add On Class” if you are in Level 2+. Purchase this for £12. Read the details of the Add on Class before purchasing. A tip is to check the Schedule first to see if any Add On Classes are available at times that suit you.

4. Go to the Schedule and choose your Add On Class and we will see you there! You can read the details of the classes by clicking ‘details’ of the class on the schedule or read the descriptions on the Pole Physique- Class Types Tab.

You can purchase as many Add On Classes as you bloody well like during your current 4 Week Membership. This is such a great feature as you can buy classes at a whim at any time when you have a few quid spare rather than committing in advance or having to wait for a specific date.


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