Imagine a world where you felt truly confident, danced like no one (or everyone if thats the goal) was watching and got so fit and strong that you could hang fifteen feet in the
air and then showboat like a goodun’ by simultaneously throwing out a hairflick. Now imagine it is actually possible…

Pole Physique is Tiff Finney’s pride and joy.
It is a place to come in, let your hair down, promptly flick it around and have fun whilst getting mega fit. Only your own limitations stop you from becoming a kick ass pole fitness dancer. Remember, only YOU give a damn about your age, weight and all that other nonsense that stops you from having a bloody good time and changing your life.


Pole Physique is a purpose built studio in the the iconic Templeton building at Glasgow Green. This means that it is just for us. We have

    • 8x 15 foot Professional Dual Lined Poles with lots of space between each pole
    • Incredibly Experienced & qualified Instructors
    • Scotlands first established Pole Academy
    • Full Facilities
    • Its always warm, even in the harshest of Scottish winters
    • Secure Entry & 24 hr manned security guards
    • Stunning spacious studio with gorgeous lighting (Fit for Insta-Worthy-Posts)
    • Free Private Parking
    • Close to public transport stops
    • A rule of never more than 2 to a pole (though mostly you get your own).
Tiff Finney Pole Physique
Tiff Finney Pole Physique


Firstly, we expect you to expect the worst.
Which we suppose makes it good for us because then it can only get
better, right? Don’t worry, we know how you are feeling. We ask most students how long it took them to pluck up the courage to join our classes. And the average result? One year! We can almost hear your hair rustle as you nod in agreement to that statistic.

All we can say is that the studio is a friendly, fun and fully inclusive environment. Believe us when we say that should anyone ever bring a
Mean Girls attitude to the class, they would promptly receive an 8″ glittered heel between the bum cheeks. But honestly, it has never needed to happen!

So let us explain how it all works:


And decide to get your Big Bum, Little Bum/Baby Got Back Bum/I’m Too Old For This Bum/Shy Bum/Hell Yeah Bum/What The Hell Am I Doing Bum to our classes.


Read about all of our classes then get booked in. You’ll be spoiled for choice and have the best time at class.


Have a ball and meet everyone else that has made the plunge too.
The condition is that when you inevitably make new friends, we require an invite to any gatherings* that you arrange with each other.

*Particularly if there are French Martinis involved.


We love to host memorable parties and last year alone we held
over 50 hen and birthday events in our studio. During your
two hour soiree you’ll indulge in a masterclass of hair flicking, pole
flair, sexy floor-work and be privy to faking years of experience on
the pole.We’ll cover spins and tricks, lap dance moves and how to
walk sexily. And mean it! All the while having a bloody good time,
a drink of bubbly and the odd nibble to keep your energy levels up.

We can also tailor the party to suit your guests, just ask us.