Pole Night Out at Club Noir Halloween

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It’s been a while since the pole clan had a night out. Why not make it Halloween? I will be performing at Club Noir on Sat 31st Oct (02 Academy Glasgow). Then I will come off stage and get good and drunk with you. Here are the deets…

So, if you don’t know already, Club Noir Halloween is a huge huge night. It sells out every year so you’ll need to get your tickets sharpish. You can get your tickets here and you can message them here with any questions too.

The 02 is huge and has 3 bars. You can basically have a whole night out there. I’m pretty sure it even has it’s own taxi rank on too again.

The set up of the night is that it opens around 9-9:30pm (it will say on the ticket link) where there will be a band and DJ. Then there are 2 shows (about 30 min each) which include me (yay) burlesque, hoop and lots of other variety acts. Then the Djs play until 3am. The music is mega eclectic covering from the 1920s to recent choons. DRESS UP. Anything goes. No point being shy. You can really push the boat out big time. You can wear a Halloween costume, a full length gown, stockings and suspenders, latex or your favourite frock. Believe me when I say that you won’t feel over dressed. Everyone really goes for it!!

So, if you’re up for it, buy your ticket and comment on the thread below so that I can see numbers and then we can work out meeting up/what we are going to wear/drink and so on. I’m excited just thinking about it!!

Tiff xxx


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