Tiff Finney in her 10inch heels

At the Pole Physique Showcase, we want a mega hot special group performance opener to the show. Do you want to be a part of the group performance with Tiff? Here is how to apply…

Yes, we want a badass, hot as fuck opener to the show! If you’re reading this, then you must be thinking about it, which makes you brilliant already.

There are a few requirements that the performers will need to meet. If you don’t meet the requirements, this doesn’t mean that you aren’t amazing, it’s just that a particular performance/choreo is in mind.

We have just 6 spaces open.

1. You must be comfortable in heels.

2. Have at least 1 good split leg.

3. Comfortable performing big and bold.

4. Pole level is unimportant. General Performance skill is the main focus. No dance experience is needed. You just need to have the ability to smile, give eye contact and not be shy in throwing out shapes. It’s normal and natural to be nervous, but we don’t want it to show in the performance.

5. We want the costumes to be quite similar so in the event that you don’t have costume items required, you must have the means to purchase the items required if necessary. We will try our best to keep costs down as much as possible and even to zero on this wherever possible and try to beg steal and borrow.

6. You must be available to practice with Tiff on at least 3 occasions (free of charge of course). Ideally on a Saturday afternoon.

7. The routine will consist of mainly floor work and work away from the pole. You may be required to perform some pole tricks but this is not guaranteed. The routine will use only 2 poles on spinning so if you are not comfortable with pole tricks then you won’t be required to perform on the poles at all.

8. Must be able to be at the venue on Friday 26th June by 6pm latest to prep/rehearse and be performance ready by 7:30pm.

In return, you will receive a free professional recording of the routine, free entry to watch the rest of the show and unlimited practice time in the studio to perfect the choreography!

Again, the requirements are NOT based on your pole level or previous dance experience in any way!! We just want students with a good split leg, heels and the ability to smile as they throw out cool floor work!

If this sounds like it has your name all over it then email tiff@polephysique.com If you don’t get accepted then please don’t feel bad. It may well be the case that the places have already been filled or that you couldn’t meet all of the requirements such as being available when we need you etc.

Tiff xxx




  • Carol turner says:

    Hi tiff

    The group performance is something I would love to be part of I would like to be considered although it mentions must have at least one good leg split . My flexibility has greatly improved would I be considered even though I haven’t mastered the splits ?

    • Tiff says:

      Hi Carol thank you so much for applying! I love the way you move and your flexibility really has improved!!! For the choreography that I have planned already, there will be splits galore and wide straddles and drop splits. I’m worried that if everyone isn’t comfortable in a full split, then there will be snapped hamstrings and adductors galore that can take 18months on average to recover from. I need similar levels of flexibility as the performance/floorwork will be all in sync you see. xx

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