It has been quite the weekend that recently went by. Two big comps that Pole Physique dipped a big old toe in to!! Here’s the low down…..

Miss & Mr Pole Scotland:

We had our students Sara, Elisa and Maggie enter and also our instructors Heidi and Lesley!! And we came away with a shit load of pride. On top of that, lots of our PP students went along to cheer on our girls which just shows what a family we have made over the last few years.

Congrats to Heidi for winning the Elite Category and Elisa for taking the Student category title too. Lesley came third in the pro category missing out on 2nd place by just 1 point. That’s a massive massive achievement! Then Maggie and Sara gave their all too. I could not be bursting with pride any more. They did it themselves, their whole routines. I just gave my 2 cents every now and then really. It was Sara’s first ever competition too so to venture out of our studio bubble to put herself out there is amazing. You girls are all fantastic and I admire each and every one of you for putting yourself out there to be judged. That’s not an easy thing to do, I know!! So here’s to you all for being bad ass and giving everything you had on stage.

Dance Filthy:

Meanwhile, I was daaaahhn sahhhf for the UK’s first ever Dance Filthy Competition. The brain child of Shimmy and Maddie, the competition burst out of Australia and into Skegness! Natural progression. I was supposed to be a judge but Stacey Sneddon asked if I would compere instead. I said yes without considering if I could actually do it or not. Turns out I am a motor mouth with plenty to say with or without a mic so it turned out fine! I got to teach a few of my workshops too which is great as it means I can spread all of my weird sexy pole goodness all over the place. I got to lounge in a chaise to watch all of the competitors which made me feel like a shameless diva.

The competitors were absolutely mega!! I mean filthy, strong, flexy, hardcore and sexy as. I got to perform too which was cool. I did a sort of gangsta routine to Eminem with a ganja bikini and bandana. Ha! Then we had other guest performers such as Sarah Scott, Leah Rose, Lorna Walker and Penny Howarth which was ace. Then we all went into Skeggy town centre and got lashed. There was a film about killer goats on in one bar, an argument with who was first in the queue for a kebab and I provided the beat box for a  lovely chav rapping in the street about ladies in a slightly derogatory manner (which made it funnier).

So there you have it! A PP forage into the latest two comps. I think we did ok!!! Roll on the next competition that we can all spread and multiply into.

Tiff xxx


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