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Tiff Finney Pole Physique

Confused on how to book your classes? Your Member Account covers EVERYTHING you need so it’s great to get familiar with it. You can book classes, see the terms of your classes/memberships, what you have paid for, what classes you have coming up, redeem vouchers, account credit, read descriptions of all classes, see what classes are coming up and everything else in between! Read on to find the full breakdown..


On the Pole Physique-Book Classes Tab, scroll down to the “Member Account” and when you have signed in you’ll see the Menu. The menu has everything you need and looks like this:






Firstly, you will need to purchase a 4 week Membership to book any classes/courses. On the Member Account Menu, select “MEMBERSHIPS” and scroll until you see the Membership that you would like to purchase. **Be sure to read the Membership info so that you know all of the information before you purchase. **





Once you have purchased your Level 1 Membership, it’s time to choose your 4 week Level 1 course. Select “COURSES” from the Menu

and choose the one the start date you would like, making sure to read the info!




If you are a Level 2/3 student, once you have purchased a Level 2/3 Membership, select “Schedule” to see all of the classes you can choose from and select. Your Membership info covers the information needed about choosing Level 2 classes.



In short, EVERYTHING…..

1. “Dashboard” lets you choose: –

-‘Overview’- for an overall look of what classes you have booked and  ‘Memberships’- lets you see the membership/s you have booked.

-The details of your membership are also here including the terms and conditions for cancellation policy.

-It also shows how much of your m’ship allowance has been used so far. You will also receive an email notification and receipt of anything that you purchase.

2. “My Account” is not one that you really need. It lets you choose:

-‘Account Details’- This has your account name and password info .

-There is also notification settings and your payment method stored here.

3.  “Schedule” shows our full timetable of classes from the past to the future. Each class shows you: –

-The day/time of each class.

-You can also click the ‘Details’ button for you to read what the class entails.

-There is also a ‘Book’ Button. The class will be free to book if you have allowance remaining from your m’ship or you will pay the cost of the class if you are buying it as an extra class. The system automatically ‘knows’ your allowance.

-The schedule also shows if you’re already booked into a class.

-You can see  how many are booked into each class.

-The schedule also allows you to ‘cancel’ classes (level 1 courses cannot be cancelled) -Allows Level 2 & 3 to ‘cancel’ any m’ship class and choose a different class with 48hrs notice -Allows any level to cancel any ‘extra’ class and choose an alternate ‘extra’ class with 48hrs notice.

*TIP: As well as using your “dashboard” to see your m’ship details and terms, you could click the “memberships” tab as another way to see them. Just don’t select ‘purchase’

4. “Memberships”

– As well as booking your initial Membership, you can also buy an “Add On Class”. Read the Add On Class info as this will tell you how you can book an extra class.



5. “Forms and Waivers”

-contains the forms and waivers you filled when you signed up. It also contains all of your personal info provided and you can also edit your contact info etc here.

6. “Store”

-Exactly what you think. This is where you can purchase Pole Physique Merchandise!


So there you go. Its all there on your account. If you’re ever unsure, and can’t find this post, just go onto your ‘menu’ and select different options and have a good rummage round. It’s all there. We also have an FAQ page so be sure to check that out too when you can’t find the answer you are looking for on your Member Account :)

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