A list of frequently asked questions about Pole Physique

We have a brand new and unique Weekend Workshop that you can’t get anywhere else!! HEEL ME. Tiff is known for her shoe footwork and has perfected everything there is to know about how to walk, balance, dance, swirl, drag, clack and slink in those platform heels. It’s a one of a kind workshop that is a staple if you don’t want to feel like Bambi on ice whenever you put your heels on…

On Sat March 7th at 1pm and for just £12, Tiff will be waiting for you to join in this Masterclass to give you the secrets of being a goddess in heels. This is perfect for floor work, adding flair to your every movement and you can apply it to all of your spins and tricks too if you have pole experience already. Not to mention using this knowledge whilst tearing up the dance floor in town. You can SO channel John Travolta and own the dance floor when you have learned the ‘Heel Me’ secrets! This class is for any level and you don’t need to be a current student at Pole Physique. So what’re you waiting for? Get this one of a kind Masterclass booked here….


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