Always one of my favourite posts to make, if not my favourite. This months featured student is… Fiona!! I don’t think that anyone could ever meet this girl and not warm massively to her. She is an absolute joy. Fiona should hold the record for most words spoken per minute – nay -  per second. But every one of those words is funny, enlightening, daft, endearing and just a pleasure to hear. And to top it off, Fi just graduated Advanced Level and is now in the elusive Expert crew. Congratulations Fi!!! Here is Fiona’s interview…


I work as a full time insurance sales advisor! Oh so boring haha, however I fill my spare time with pole, exercise, wine, and socialising so life is good.

How long have you been a Pole Physique student?

It’s so cemented as part of my life now I can’t think back to my time without Pole Physique! But I’m pretty sure I started in summer 2012… As I stated in my showcase I remember leaving Pole Physique after a class that summer, stopping to roll a cigarette on the corner and got asked if I was ‘working’…. I had not long started out and thought it very ironic and after the initial outrage it really tickled me. Haha that must have been my 1st summer at Pole Physique.

What is your favourite class type and why?

My favourite class is curriculum. I love Sexy Fundamentals and Exotic Dance but I am awful at both! Lack of co-ordination and lack of confidence in that side of pole.. Its a learning curve though and something I am aiming to improve!! But curriculum lets me learn those top moves, work though them, and with practice and Tiff’s expert help I can work my way towards that achievement of nailing each and every one and putting it all together into a wee routine. Eventually! Some moves can take months but that moment when you finally get something you’ve been working on for so long… Oh my goodness, it feels amazing!! And just being in class when you see someone else achieve something they have worked so hard for, almost brings a wee tear of pride to your eye! It’s amazing.

What is your favourite pole move and why?

I love moves that are really simple but look gorgeous, a butterfly, lye backs, a lovely wrap around, nothing complex but they can look beautiful!

What is your nemisis and why?

Every time I try a sexy hair flick I look like I’m having a spasm. Not hot.

What do you wear to class? 

Normally just a vest top, (which often just gets thrown off half way through class!) Crop top, hot pants and Pleaser heels. I’ve got a list the length of my arm of things I want to buy from Pole Junkie, with 1st hand knowledge that Kirsten (the boss of lycra) would be so happy to bring in for a try on session 😉 However my bank balance doesn’t quite agree with my shopping list…

How long did you think about taking a pole class before you actually too the plunge?

My good friend Jody started about a year before me and after everything I heard from her it was always going to happen! I just took a while to get round to actually taking my 1st class.. I never looked back it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve had so much fun, met the absolute best sexy girls out there and laughed so hard every week. It’s my highlight of the week!

Why pole at Pole Physique?

I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Tiff is such an amazing instructor, you could be going over and over a move which is just not working, Tiff takes one look, and can immediately pin point where you’re going wrong. So lucky to be learning from the best every week! Also there’s a variety of classes to choose from every day! And it’s the girls that make it extra special <3 I love them all. Classes are such a laugh.

Also, it makes you feel stronger. And not just in the physical sense. I’m such a promoter of self confidence in women, there’s such a lack of it out there and it really think that pole helps to give people that! Also there’s just such an amazing sense if community across the board. Everyone is always so full of enthusiasm and encouragement.

What are your Pole Goals for 2015?

I really need to learn how to actually dance!!! Going to work on my flow.

What do your friends and family reckon to this pole malarky?

Everyone is extremely supportive. I have and amazing group of friends and family so it would never be anything less.

Is there anyone you haven’t told? Why?

I’m pretty sure most people know… Maybe some people from work, it’s not the top topic for office chat!

Advice you would give to those still not signed up?

If think you’d like to try then go for it!!! So many laughs to be had and you’ll come out stronger than ever.


Thanks so much Fi! If you want the chance to be next months Featured Student then just send an email with the subject “Featured Student” to tiff@polephysique.com to apply.


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