This months Featured Student is….. Amy.

Amy is nothing but a pleasure. She has provided the whole class with belly laughs week in and week out and every one misses her on the rare occasion she has to miss a class. Amy also just made many many girls their new girl crush after that smokin’ hot routine she did at the Pole Physique Peep Show a few weeks ago. I mean, just check her photograph above- ooooeeeee. So let’s hear all about Amy in her frank interview as Pole Physique’s ‘Featured Student of the month’.

Amy Griffin


I’m a freight forwarder, arranging imports and exports.


How long have you been a Pole Physique student?
I’ve been at pole physique for about 3 and a half years.
What is your favourite class type and why?
My favourite class is sexy fundamentals because it took me so long to feel comfortable doing it. It’s made me so much more confident!


What is your favourite pole move and why?
My favourite move is marley, I just love the way it looks and I like it even better now I can do the contorted version.


What is your nemesis and why?
My nemesis is cross ankle release, I have a real fear of it. It hurts and anything that requires lying back scares me!


What do you wear to class? Is this what you want to wear?
I usually wear a RAD or Bad Kitty set and Pleasers. I have OCD about having a matching set and shoes!


How long did you think about taking a pole class before you actually took the plunge?
I thought about starting pole for about a year before starting, because I couldn’t find anyone to come with me. I ended up just going myself and loved it straight away.


Why pole at Pole Physique?
I love Pole Physique because everyone there is so lovely and supportive. You can really just be yourself. It’s my happy place.


What are your Pole Goals for 2016?
I’d like to be able to do all of the moves in my next routine unspotted and get them into combos. Not taking 2 years to graduate this time!


What do your friends and family reckon to this pole malarky?
They’re all really cool about it! My mum comes to see me if a perform, and I always force my videos on everyone who I can!


Is there anyone you haven’t told? Why?
Absolutely everyone knows I pole dance, even some of my customers at work. It’s really hard to get me to shut up about it.


Advice you would give to those still not signed up?
Just do it! I wish I hadn’t waited as long as I did!


Where can people follow you?
Facebook – Amy Griffin
Instagram – amy.griffinx


Thank you so much Amy. If you would like the chance to be a Featured Student then just email with the subject ‘Featured Student’.



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