We think we’ve covered everything you might ask and want to know about coming to classes
at Pole Physique. If for some reason we may have missed something then drop us an email or fill out our
contact form and we shall get back to you.


  • ARE YOU PROFESSIONAL? Our instructors are ALL qualified pole trainers with 20 years of teaching pole behind us. Owner Tiff Finney has written the worlds first Heels Certification & travels the world teaching masterclasses and instructors Jen, Kirsten & Lauren have a wealth of competition titles to their names! We are also Pole Safe Train Safe Federation Approved.
  • HOW DO YOU TEACH? All classes are taught with perfect technique in mind so that you can achieve what you never thought possible, and beautifully to boot. But it still has to be fun, or whats the point eh?
  • WHAT IS YOUR STUDIO LIKE? Our studio is a stunning insta-post-perfect large space with top spec super high poles. Our studio is Pole Safe Federation approved which we are very proud of. For current pole geeks, we have a mix of 40mm & 45mm poles that are both chrome and stainless steel. The studio has 24hr manned security and is located in the iconic Templeton Building at Glasgow Green.
  • WHAT’S THE VIBE? Confidence! Pole Physique is not a competitive environment favouring anyone. Our aim is to use pole dance with our workshops to give you the skills and tips you need to see your beauty and then to take it through the roof!
  • WILL I GET FIT? Yes. Weight loss/fitness are part of the package. With all of the physical efforts involved in pole dance, we aim to get you fit, toned, burning lots of calories and becoming stronger than you ever thought you could be.
  • WILL I HAVE TO DO IT WITH ADVANCED PEOPLE? No, we run Level Specific Classes. We understand that if you’re a brand new starter, the prospect of learning next to someone that can flip and spring up at the ceiling can be daunting. That’s why you can attend a class purely for beginners. Our Open Level Classes (Sexy Fundamentals) require no inverts or advanced tricks either.
  • WILL I BE THE WORST ONE? NO! Our dedication to YOU in a non competitive environment. We know that everyone learns at their own pace which is exactly what we promote. You are not dictated by the pace of a class. You will be taught tricks/spins that we know you will enjoy along with some to push your boundaries too. You’re not expected to ‘keep up’ or ‘slow down’ for others. Everything is set to your pace along with a challenge.
  • IS IT REALLY SERIOUS? It’s all about Fun. We love music, fun floor work that we can all try together, routines, giggling, gossiping and everything else in between. We want you to look forward to coming to your class as much as we look forward to seeing you.
  • IS POLE YOUR MAIN FOCUS? We live for pole. Every class, every workshop and even our Mobility classes all relate to pole. We are 100% dedicated to the art, exoticism, sport and strength of pole dance.


  • CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT THE LEVEL 1 COURSE? Our Level 1 Course is £45 for 4 x 1 hour classes. If you can’t get enough, you can always purchase Add On classes to attend Sexy Fundamentals and Exotic Dance or you can purchase an Unlimited Level 1 Course to get level obsession amounts of classes (all info in the booking form). The classes consist of learning tricks, floorwork, full routines, the secrets of getting special pole flair, pirouettes, movement and even more tricks! Full info is in the Course Description on the booking form so make sure you read it!
  • WHAT LEVELS DO YOU HAVE? We have levels ranging from Beginner through to Expert with over 70 tricks/spins per level, plus hundreds of transitions and floor work inbetween. We also have Open Level classes (Sexy Fundamentals and Exotic Dance) that require no advanced tricks/inverts.
  • AM I LEVEL 2? Level 2 is Advanced. You must be able to comfortably invert and perform basic techniques correctly. If you are joining us from another studio, you do not need to start from scratch as long as you can climb, invert and leg hang easily.
  • AM I LEVEL 3? Pole Physique award this level directly. If you’re unsure of your level, please contact us to enquire. Generally, Level 3 is for those working on tricks such as Iron X and flips.


The cost is £45 for a 4 week membership. You can read all the details, book extra classes and pay online at www.polephysique.com


  • HEELS OR BAREFOOT? What to wear to a pole class is the clear winner for our most frequently asked question. Many, including most of our instructors, wear high heels to embrace and bring out that sexy side that we don’t get chance (or sometimes dare) to bring out elsewhere. However, if it just really isn’t your thing, then barefoot is ABSO cool too. Whatever you do though, don’t think, ‘I will wear heels when I get good’ as you get so used to being barefoot that the transition is usually very difficult.
  • CAN I COVER UP? Please wear clothing that will give you enough body exposure to grip the pole such as shorts and a vest if coming to a Level 1 Course or Level 2/3+ Curriculum class. In pole, we use the strangest body parts to grip the pole in order to throw out those crowd pleaser spins and tricks including armpits, thighs, elbows, knees, neck and ankles!! If attending Exotic or Sexy Fundamentals, bring kneepads. You may cover up (eg leggings & long sleeves) but bring shorts incase we need grip.
  • DO I HAVE TO DRESS SEXY? That ever enveloping question that seems to dominate our lives… What will everyone else be wearing because I don’t want to be too over/under dressed? Trust us, we see everything from sparkly hot pants and bikini tops to casual sports wear. Anything goes!! You’ll see a mix of these in every class that you attend. Beware, you may well become more obsessed with buying pole clothing than finding the perfect LBD!
  • WHEN SHOULD I ARRIVE? You MUST arrive at least 5 minutes before class starts. Being on the hour is too late. You need to be dressed & ready to begin on the hour, not show up then. This is because of health & safety meaning that if you miss any of the warm up, your body will not be prepared for class. It also means the rest of the class is disrupted. It sounds harsh, we know but its for your safety. Just don’t be late, k!
  • DO I HAVE TO BE ALL FIT TO JOIN? You do not need any physical fitness, dance experience or anything else to join our classes. We rarely get super fit and/or dance trained starters. Obviously, the greater your fitness/dance level, the quicker you may advance. However, everyone learns at their own pace anyway! So jobs a goodun. All you need is to want to get fit, have fun and change your life.
  • SHOULD I BE NERVOUS? A lot of people worry before starting their first class. This is completely normal. Other feelings may include nausea, cold sweats, hot sweats, nervousness, self doubt and impending terror. That’s ok, it means you’re human. It’s so scary delving into the unknown. Oooh, just wait until we get you into your first class. Soon it’ll become your safe haven! You wait.
  • Remember, everyone else starting their first pole class has the same questions, thoughts and worries. We are all in it together.
  • IS IT HARD? Be prepared to work hard. It’s no good us telling you that we can burn you a shed load of calories, seriously tone you up, get you hanging upside down in ways you never imagined and getting as fit as a fiddle if we don’t push you. The confidence you gain is incredible. It’s incredible because you will earn it!! And THEN you can go to a bar with your new pole pals and talk about how good you feel with a bowl of chips to soak up your wine. It’s ok, we do it too!


WHAT IS POLE PRACTICE & HOW DO I BOOK IT? This is an untutored practice space. It is a chance to drop in and perfect you tricks, spins and routines. It’s a great place to meet others and work together or on your own. Pole practice is £10 per drop in session for 60 mins & is available ONLY to those with active current Memberships. We do not have set hours for this. Join “Pole Physique Student Community” FB page where we let you know upcoming Pole Practice sessions that you can attend.


Private tuition is also available at £40 per hour to those attending a current block and is specially designed to suit what YOU want to gain from your tuition. These are taught privately and you can request any of our instructors. Email tiff@tifffinney.com to ask us about Private Tuition ad to arrange a day/time that works for yo. If you are a pole professional, instructor or studio owner please contact Tiff direct as prices will differ.


When you have been with us for a while and your pole obsession is becoming ever present, you’ll want to know where to get your pole essentials from. Here goes…

Pole specific shoes, or let’s face it, stripper shoes, are fabulous. They are purpose built for those pirouettes, glides and inverts. When you convert from ‘normal’ heels or barefoot to pole heels, it’s like an epiphany! So what to get? If it’s your first pair, go for 6″ or if you’re a heel lover already, go for 7″. Hardcore? Go 8″. We recommend pole shoes with an ankle strap to make you feel more secure. Get your heels from Pole Junkie who are the most reliable company we know.


Long gone are the days of wearing any old pants. These days, pole wear is a BIG DEAL. There are companies all over the world making the most amazing sets that are specifically designed for pole dancers. That means no nip slips…or worse! Pole Junkie are like the asos of the pole world!

  • We are based in the iconic Templeton building at Glasgow Green. Free Parking is available but you must text the relevant number to register your car. Ask us if you aren’t sure. You can see the map here.


Although we go out of our way every week to help those with busy and hectic schedules, families and shifts by allowing Catch Up classes and operating a flexible system for Level 2 members, we do need to set certain guidelines for the sake of all of our customers and the utmost quality of the running of our classes. Therefore the following terms should be read by all customers and those who want to join us:

  • Private Tuitions must cancel at least 72 hours prior to your appointment to rearrange. No refunds/rearrangements can be given with less notice as the studio is especially opened to accommodate the appointment.
  • A Level 1 Course purchased with a membership and extra add on classes cannot be cancelled, refunded or rescheduled once booked. It is your responsibility to attend the classes that you have booked. As a gesture, you may turn up to an alternate Level 1 class (Catch Up Class) where you can join in on the provision that there is space. See Membership terms. Do not ask us to rearrange for you- you must turn up yourself and you can join if there is space. All Catch up classes must be attended before the end date of your current course.
  • Level 2 & Level 3 classes purchased with a membership and extra add on classes require 24hrs cancellation notice which must be made by the individual via the booking system only.
  • Refunds will only be given to those who cancel their FULL block at least 72 hours prior to attending their first class. No exceptions.
  • Please ensure that you are medically able to join a fitness/dance class. This includes all Pole Physique/Tiff Finney classes/Workshops. This includes pregnancy. If you are unsure or have any existing or past conditions that could affect participation then please consult your GP as Pole Physique cannot be held responsible for any medical issues arising during participation as a result of said conditions. Upon enrolling in any Pole Physique classes/workshops, responsibility to disclose any conditions lies with the customer. Failure to inform so is not the responsibility of Pole Physique/Tiff Finney. Online PARQ forms & waivers must be signed before being able to join a class.
  • Failure to turn up to any class on time will mean the forfeit of the class. You MUST be dressed and ready to begin the class on the hour. The door will close on the hour. Being just a minute late is too late. Our insurance will not allow us to operate any other way.
  • Pole Physique merchandise may only be returned for exchange only and if unused/unworn. The consumer is responsible for return/redelivery costs. Discretion of all returns/exchanges lies solely with Pole Physique/Tiff Finney.