Ooh this is one fun, self indulgent class at Pole Physique. Let me explain just what Exotic Dance is, why it’s hugely beneficial to your pole journey and what makes it so so unique. A hell of a lot of work goes into this class both from students and myself in loads of ways. There is a strict formula that goes into making this class what it is….


What is Exotic Dance?

Tiff’s Exotic Dance Formula

Interesting x (striking+distant to the norm) + Self Indulgence = Exotic Dance

Exotic Dance is different things to different people/instructors/studios. To me, it is not a way of being appealing to men. Not because I don’t want to appeal to or entice men but instead because the term ‘Exotic’ means ‘attractive’, ‘striking’, ‘out of the ordinary’ ‘distant to the norm’ and most importantly ‘interesting‘.

Self indulgence, to me, is the other major element. This comes in the dance side. So again, rather than focussing on dancing with the aim to entice a man or others, it is much more of a self absorbed fun. The feeling of creating movement that makes you feel exotic is an incredibly wonderful form of self indulgence. Indulging in something that makes you feel ‘exotic’, ‘interesting’ and ‘striking’ is unbeatable for me.

Making Exotic Dance Routines

So each week, I create a brand new 50-60sec piece of choreography for this class trying to stick to the formula. I put music on and try to avoid the classic ways of moving and instead try and come up with interesting exotic shapes and finding unique ways of putting those classics together or even putting nuances on top of them. It always makes for a routine that I am desperate to teach!!  This means that my students are getting the best from me and from the class. Because it is something that I would love to perform myself, I am not giving students simple versions or half arsed choreo. Instead you get the best of my choreo and ideas every week and not something basic and really outdated.

If you haven’t been to this class before, you may expect super duper slow floor work and an abundance of basic body waves. However this is not what happens. Its too easy and familiar for us to do this and therefore it is NOT the definition of ‘Exotic’. It is important to keep each movement as interesting and striking as possible. Therefore, when choreographing a piece, I always question if the movement is interesting to me. If I can perform something forwards, for Exotic Dance, I try it backwards or sideways.

Benefits of Exotic Dance for ALL levels

This class is cool for any level of pole dancer for lots of reasons. Beginners get an early insight into creating the most up to date and unique sequences right from the start and advanced students get to shake off old habits and refresh their repertoire. Also, because their is a new sequence taught every single class, students can save up their favourites and use them in routines, competitions, social media and for home practice too. There is never that stale feeling or plateau because every week brings a new routine that will have been accomplished and nailed.

The other great benefit is that this class builds a hell of a lot of strength. Many think that this class is a doddle… until they have tried it! Because there are no obvious tricks or spins, it is natural to believe that it will be easier. However, as often with routines in any dance form, it is the transitions that are the most difficult. Beginners reading this will think, “well if it is tough for an advanced student then how the hell have I got a chance”? Well, it’s because dance and transition strength is different to pole trick strength. Advanced polers have good pole trick strength but less dance and transition strength. Therefore it’ll be challenging but fun for everyone. The great thing is that because the routines are so fun and self indulgent, you feel great learning really cool choreography and don’t notice the tough elements until the end of the class when you leave sweating and tired out.

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