Exotic Dance classes at Pole Physique

Exotic Dance will move to the earlier time of EVERY Thursday 6pm from Thursday 20th August.

Therefore, we have just moved it to an earlier time than normal so hopefully many of you can still attend!! If you have never had a chance to come to an Exotic Dance before then he is the low down so you can decide if you want to try this kick ass class:



-Simply put, a brand new 40-60sec routine is learnt every single week!

-No big tricks. This class is all about slinking and gliding and making sexy shapes with heels.

-This is a fun class and a really great way to build your confidence

-Perfect for getting you comfortable with dancing around the pole and floor.

-The class is so unique and fun.

-Prepare to get sweaty!! You will be surprised at how tiring it is being all sexy so expect a thorough workout!


-Yes! If you are in level 1- All you need to do is buy your Add On Class and then choose the date you would like from the schedule!

-Level 2- you can use any/all remaining classes in your Membership to book Exotic Dance

-Only those with current Memberships are eligible to book Exotic Dance classes.


Hope to see you there!!

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