Why YOU should be coming to Flexy Stretch

Book in for Flexy Stretch at Pole Physique

So Heidi, Miss Pole Scotland Elite Champion 2015 is our Flexy Stretch instructor at Pole Physique. She has been teaching this class for 3 weeks now and it’s going great. We want more of you to come and get Flexy with us. At only a fiver a class every Thur 8pm, its a great price when receiving lots of qualified professional advice and stretches for reaching your general flexibility and pole flexibility goals!! Read more about why YOU should be coming….

Achieve Pole Tricks much more easily

This class is great for speeding up your pole ability. Having active flexibility makes many pole tricks easier to nail as you don’t need to rely on strength alone to get those problem tricks. You can just use that lovely open hamstring to do the work for you!


Finally feel AND look graceful

Having flexibility will make you feel much more graceful dancing and performing tricks as your posture and lines will be on point.

Achieve those show stopper tricks

You will be able to nail those gorgeous splitty and bendy pole tricks that are too die for. I myself started to stretch in 2010 purely to get a flat Jade split pole trick. Within 4 weeks, I got it!! Pole is so fun when you can nail these gorgeous Flexy tricks!

Become a smug stretcher

Stretching actually becomes fun! When you start to notice a difference in your flexibility, it starts to become addictive. Honestly! YOu will start to become one of those annoying people that can’t even sit at the airport without pulling your leg over your head to stretch out. Like anything worth it’s salt: if you put the effort in, you will reap the rewards!

Get what YOU want

Heidi has a cool relaxed style. She will ask what peoples Flexy goals are and then just go ahead and get started in helping you to achieve these goals. Whether its splits, back bending or the whole shebang, Heidi has knowledge and experience in all of these so will get you on your way!

Everyone is Welcome

This class is for anyone. You can bring your Non-Pole Physique friends and family with you! We don’t expect anyone to come into the class with any stretching experience. All we require is that you are ready to try and reach those dream Flexy goals. If your legs creak when you open them, you can still come to Flexy Stretch. If you have flexibility already, then great, we can help you to reach those specific goals or maintain you current level.

This class is an important one to us. Stretching helped me a huge huge amount in where I am today with my performance and pole ability. Pole becomes a playground of fun where tricks that you didn’t think possible to achieve actually become no biggie to nail. So what are you waiting for? Just go to the Schedule and book Flexy Stretch (available every Thurs 8pm).

Lets get FLEXY!!!!!


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