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Tiff Finney Pole Physique

The Joys & Woes of Creating a Pole Piece. Basically Woes.

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The joys and woes of preparing a pole piece. Mainly woes. Basically woes.

Most pole dancers will put together a pole performance piece at some point in their pole journey. Whether at professional level or student, I reckon that most of us go through the same painstaking, gruelling, soul sucking process. How many do you agree with……?

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tiff bgt

Tiff Finney Pole Dance BGT Experience

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I decided to go for it and audition a pole routine for Britain’s Got Talent this year. Now its been on BGMT, I want to share my experience, rather than the edited version, and my reasons for entering with anyone that wants to hear about it.

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Are You A Feminist That Has Accepted Defeat?

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So when we write something, we are supposed to write about what we know or have experienced. So that’s why I write about women. Apparently, I don’t qualify as a girl anymore. Not even a ‘young lady’. When someone says those immortal words to you- “do you mind if I ask how old you are?”, you’re shoved on to the Societal Doom Train to Heapsville where everyone gets a seat because your dodgy knees cant take the speed. And I’m only bloody 29.

As women, we are told when we can’t wear a skirt above the knee caps-nay-shins- anymore, when we can’t be overtly sexual anymore and when we can’t go to nightclubs anymore. Society says “you have had you’re fun and now your window is closed. Locked. Bolted”. Then all of a sudden you’re expected to go all giddy at a powder blue cashmere knit.

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