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Tiff Finney

10 Steps to Finding Your Pole Style

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Finding YOUR Pole Style

No matter your level, be it student, instructor or travelling pro, we all crave and evolve our own pole style constantly. To truly get the most benefits from pole, you have to find your style and go hell for leather with it. Here are my 10 steps on how to do just that…

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Tiff Finney Pole Physique

The Joys & Woes of Creating a Pole Piece. Basically Woes.

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The joys and woes of preparing a pole piece. Mainly woes. Basically woes.

Most pole dancers will put together a pole performance piece at some point in their pole journey. Whether at professional level or student, I reckon that most of us go through the same painstaking, gruelling, soul sucking process. How many do you agree with……?

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tiff bgt

Tiff Finney Pole Dance BGT Experience

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I decided to go for it and audition a pole routine for Britain’s Got Talent this year. Now its been on BGMT, I want to share my experience, rather than the edited version, and my reasons for entering with anyone that wants to hear about it.

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Pole Physique Featured Student of the Month

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Is Kirsten!! Kirsten fully deserves her place as “Featured Student of the Month”. This girl is a huge advocate for Pole Physique. We love her quiet wit and resting bitch face!! She must attend around 8 classes per week and is serious about becoming the best poler she can be. On top of that, she owns Pole Junkie (link in the interview) and gives all of us PP girls and boys free delivery and hand delivers every item straight to the studio! She has competed for Scotland earning 3rd place title in 2014 and Best Costume, natch and will be representing us all at the Authentic Pole Competition UK in June so wish her all the luck in the world for that too! So let’s here all about her busy world of pole…..

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Tiff Finney photoshoot by photographer Millie Robson

The Reality of Running a Pole Studio

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The harsh reality of running a pole dance and fitness studio.

Ever heard the one about the duck gliding on water? So effortless and serene. But underneath, the little legs are going like the clappers. Well, like every business out there that is worth your time of day, this is Pole Physique. This is many pole studios out there. We want you to see us as that beautiful swan. The whole point of going like the clappers is so that you receive the best quality of classes, training, safety and experience. But, if you want the gossip of what it is REALLY like….

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Are You A Feminist That Has Accepted Defeat?

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So when we write something, we are supposed to write about what we know or have experienced. So that’s why I write about women. Apparently, I don’t qualify as a girl anymore. Not even a ‘young lady’. When someone says those immortal words to you- “do you mind if I ask how old you are?”, you’re shoved on to the Societal Doom Train to Heapsville where everyone gets a seat because your dodgy knees cant take the speed. And I’m only bloody 29.

As women, we are told when we can’t wear a skirt above the knee caps-nay-shins- anymore, when we can’t be overtly sexual anymore and when we can’t go to nightclubs anymore. Society says “you have had you’re fun and now your window is closed. Locked. Bolted”. Then all of a sudden you’re expected to go all giddy at a powder blue cashmere knit.

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Pole Fitness versus Pole Dance…is there such a thing?

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So here’s the the thing right: Many pole schools and such advertise being as ‘fitness’ based as opposed to dance based. This is abso-cool. BUT: Many actively insinuate (or just downright state) that pole schools covering full aspects of pole ‘dance’ is not going to get you fit the same way, SAY WHAAAAT!!? There are MANY MANY reasons that dismiss this and even turn it completely on its head. All styles can get you so much fitter and stronger but I have to say:

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Tiff Finney photoshoot by photographer Millie Robson

Backside Stateside- Pole Expo 2014

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For the second year, I hauled my ass to Vegas/LA. Vegas held its annual pole shennanigans- Pole Expo. As a Brand Ambassador for Bad Kitty PoleFit and all round pole enthusuast, I along with a shit ton of other pole enthusiasts, travelled from every corner of the globe to this mega event. I suppose it’s a little like a convention for Star Trek but replace the Trekkies with boobs, bums, contortionists, giant heels, a pool with a DJ, casino and that ever-enthralling chrome pole!

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Tiff Finney

Photoshoot Shmotoshoot

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Ahh, they just sound so inspiring don’t they these photoshoots? They promise so much. The hair. The make-up. The attention to just you. The director, the photographer, the works. I don’t know what it is but I just tend to lose the ability to co-ordinate my limbs. I developed serious claw hand. Exactly like Chandler with that bloody Pac Man game! The experience also let me know, really let me know, that I have one seriously wonky eye on photos. Like the winking face emoticon. Check the pictures on the website. Can you spy and head on close-ups? Can you heck. The people choosing the photos to ‘grace’ the website (one incidently my supposed best friend) deemed it appropriate to show only photographs that didn’t involve my head on wonky face. Coincidence? I think not. I just hope that most other people don’t have an annoyingly symmetrical face either.

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