Backside Stateside- Pole Expo 2014

Tiff Finney photoshoot by photographer Millie Robson

For the second year, I hauled my ass to Vegas/LA. Vegas held its annual pole shennanigans- Pole Expo. As a Brand Ambassador for Bad Kitty PoleFit and all round pole enthusuast, I along with a shit ton of other pole enthusiasts, travelled from every corner of the globe to this mega event. I suppose it’s a little like a convention for Star Trek but replace the Trekkies with boobs, bums, contortionists, giant heels, a pool with a DJ, casino and that ever-enthralling chrome pole!

On the first night I got drunk. I may have exposed myself for free drink. My friend may have fallen in to a moving taxi. There may have been heated conversations between people on who knew the most strippers. The were definitely tacos and a dog.

There was the annual Pole Classic Competition bursting with talent and definitely inspiring. There were photoshoots, workshops, more alcohol, another latex dress that made me sweat and designer heels that gave me mammoth blisters. So many pole stars, budding stars and pole lovers all getting together to watch performances, buy all of the latest PoleFit gear, Glitter Heels and poles and to meet like-minded people and enjoy the Vegas weather. But mainly, I think it was to be immersed day and night with other people that just ‘get’ pole. Being so used to being the only pole lover in day to day life, it must be amazing to wake up next to those who share your love, to eat breakfast with them, to go out and drink with them and to enjoy the whole 3 day tornado of pure pole together!

So I entered the famous Vegas Pole-a-Palooza competition! I wasn’t allowed to place, not being a US resident and all, but I didn’t care one iota. I just wanted to be a part of it. I just wanted to throw my ass up on that sky scraper pole and throw out my weird ankle stuff. It’s always cool getting ready in a booth with 30 other competitors in a small booth. Imagine the drowning sound of ripping tip tape, the clonking of heels and glasses clinking with the free bevvy! And the stretching. My god the stretching. At one point, I was in a box split with one girl bend over the booth setee and holding my left foot as leverage. She had someone in between her legs pulling her leg way above her head. On my other leg was someone in an oversplit and then another warming up their back in a crab at my crotch. Oh I am uncomfortable as to how close I put the words ‘crab’ ‘my’ and ‘crotch’ together! Anyway, some straight up lovely girls were there that night!

It was amazing to see the Bad Kitty family again. They really are the best and mega inspiring as a business, brand and for the community they create. Everyone was there from fellow ambassadors to the creators of the company and everyone who works constantly making the brand what it is today. And they love to party!! They gave us some well amazing new gear from the latest line to keep too. Yaaassssss!! It was worth the journey for that alone.

Then it was off to LA to stay with my pal. One highlight was downtown LA where you can buy shoes for a tenner. Like a mile of open front markets. When our parking was nearly up, I did the obligatory panic buy. I have some weird stuff that’s as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Then we went to cult club Jumbos!! We got to watch girls in bikinis, pole dancing and twerking. I love that you make it rain by throwing dollar bills at them and then watch them get on their knees and scoop it all up when they finish.

Best of all, on the flight back, I wasn’t subjected to a strange man standing behind me with his hands down his pants whilst having a gawp down my top. Instead, I watched the 300 sequel with some vodka and gawped at the guys on there instead. Bonus!

Tiff x

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