Credit: David James Hughes

This weekend saw a Scottish invasion down at the UK Authentic Pole Comp in England. Myself and two of my beautiful Pole Physique students from Pole Physique were performing on the day. Here is the low down..

Kara and Pete Owen, the masterminds behind the comp, asked me to guest perform at this competition that celebrates the sexy side of pole. You know, body waves, thongs, nipple pasties and game faces. Right up my street! And our students Kirsten and Hannah both entered too which was mega exciting for us.

I couldn’t believe the amount of contestants that were there! To see so many people supporting the style was ace. Hannah opened the whole competition going on first in the Beginners category. I was excited to see it as I hadn’t seen any of the routine. Hannah was so cool and calm about the whole day and the routine. But she came on stage and went crazy! Hannah went on and just nailed it. To get to see it for the first time like that was so exciting as I’m used to knowing every inch of my students’ acts. She came off stage like she had just nipped to the shops. Brilliant. And Hannah was so supportive of all of the other contestants, watching all of the performances and getting the very most from the day. Hannah, you were gorgeous, self assured and the audience loved you too.

Then in the Advanced category, it was Kirsten’s turn. People were gobsmacked at the split drops that came out. Rather than being tentative with the constraints of an X-Stage, this girl was like “fuck it” and just slammed straight down. Crowd Pleaser central. Her resting bitch face served her well too, oozing sex appeal and you just wanted to be her. Extremely proud! Kirsten was a little sceptical of the tiny outfit I kind of forced her to wear but man, she looked amazing- everyone said so! Watch Kirsten’s routine here.

Then I went on after the comp as a guest performer. This was so flattering to be chosen to represent the community and perform. I kind of went for weird sexy manga inspired performance which I will be repeating at the Pole Physique Peep Show next week too. I hope people liked it. The next day I taught my “Finney Flair” Workshop where I taught my favourite floppy ankle techniques and my latest creations that I performed in my guest performance. This is a brilliant way to meet all of the people in our community and I’m always so thankful that people want to come and learn my style!

Our girls didn’t win but it wasn’t about that. I think most people entering were doing so to say “I think I can be sexy and put on a show” which is a big deal in a world where we can be scorned for having the confidence to perform in this way. That seemed to be the general consensus amongst the contestants. Everyone was so friendly with each other and mingled, chatted laughed and admired one another.

We also got to see other Scots at the comp that were there competing, supporting and pole cleaning so it felt really great to have an extended family there.

My other favourite part was teaching my Finney Flair Workshop where I was double booked with another group so we had to share the room. The people in the other group were, lets say, elderly, and were sitting in chairs throwing and catching small bean bags whilst we were basically writhing around in little clothing and stripper heels with Eminem playing through the speakers. It was absolutely no problem, I just hoped that we didn’t give the poor buggers nightmares!! The pic is below!

All in all, a fantastic weekend where I got to burst with pride at Hannah and Kirsten’s performances. To see our students get on stage, put themselves in a position to be judged and take it with both hands and give everything they had was magical. It inspired me no end to try and do the same.  XXX

Credit: Thanks to David James Hughes for the photograph.




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