From the studio to the stage, Tiff lives for fun and fantasy.

The epitome of a tomboy throughout her childhood and early teens, she spent all her time climbing trees, playing football and pretending that she was a contestant on Krypton Factor and Gladiators.

Then at 14, her new passion became kissing boys, or to be precise, trying to. Later she fell in love with glamour and women, beauty and power. Smitten by the sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit and Pamela Anderson to the athleticism of Cat Woman and Serena Williams.

Her road to glamour and taboo began by wearing two bras, a homemade face tanner concocted from teabags and her mum’s leather pencil skirt.

So it seems only natural she would wind up owning a Pole Dance Academy, teaching dance masterclasses around the word & to writing/teaching the worlds first certification in Heels. Right?


Most people think of Tiff as someone who is unapologetic in who is she is and believes that dance and pole should be fun and for everyone. It doesn’t have to be impossibly hard to have value & worth- it just needs to be something that makes you feel good! We mean, one of her most popular ever workshops is called “Shit You May Actually Be Able To Do” so you get the idea, yeah? Book Tiff for her unique Workshops.


Tiff Finney Club Noir


Tiff will be forever indebted to Club Noir (as featured in Vogue, rated as in the “Top ten cabaret clubs in the world” by Travel Channel USA). Both seem to have forged a lifelong friendship and mutual love of all things glamourous, extrovert, erotic, weird and wonderful. It is without doubt a pleasure Tiff was able to perform for thousands attending Club Noir events regularly whether it be in her specially made cage, pole dancing, singing, strip tease, putting a string of garlic bulbs up a mans bum (well at least simulating, which is close enough), being carried around the stage by professional ballet dancers in 80’s John McEnroe wigs and probably most happily getting to use a genuine ghetto blaster. Oh, and more pole dancing!




In 2019, Tiff was asked by industry leaders XPERT fitness to write the worlds first certified course focussing on heels! Like whhaaat!? This means that Tiff had the opportunity to standardise the exotic pole industry and have it internationally recognised and accredited as a legitimate and valued fitness in the same way that yoga, football and boxing is. Whilst Tiff adores the taboo of exotic pole dance, she has always valued it as something that is as legitimate as any other dance or sport. And guess what, now we have it on paper! And it really is a course that you can really geek out on. Think Heel Anatomy, Leg Alignment technique, Standardised Terminology for floor work, an entire Standing Flow and Floor Library with a complete structure for chores creation. Not to mention Drags, Clacks, Floppy Ankles and more.

If you want to attend XPERT Essential Science of Heels with Master Trainer Tiff, then go to XPERT Fitness to see when she will be touring in your country, city or town with heels in hand. You can even request to host the course at your studio.

Tiff Finney Pole Physique


Teaching pole dance is Tiff’s biggest passion. That obsession has now made the inside of her thighs take on the texture of what can only be described as crocodile skin. Pole Physique is a fully established and highly credible place to hang out in. Once you’ve popped your heels on (or stay barefoot if thats yo thang), flicked your hair and performed a trick or two, you won’t want to go anywhere else. If Pole Physique isn’t your happy place then we haven’t done our job.

Teaching people how to pole dance is just a bi-product of the confidence, the happiness, the self-acceptance, the health and fitness, the sociable benefits and just down right fun that is to be had.

Pole Physique is Scotlands longest established pole school and are so proud of the pole family that it creates for every person that enters the (pretty bloody impressive) studio. Go see all the fun!