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Pole Physique Featured Student of the Month

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I love posting our Featured Student! This time, our Featured Student of the Month is Jen Cardigan! Or Kamikaze Jen as we like to call her. Everyone in the studio loves Jen. Her pole motivation is incredibly infectious. Jen is one of our highest level students and has worked damned hard for it. We have never seen anyone without fear like Jen. She will try anything that you throw at her, and to be honest, the more dangerous, the more she wants to do it! On the flip side, we have never seen anyone so dozy either. Jen regularly trips over her own toes, over invisible obstacles, has actually magically fell from one room through to another and generally just narrowly escapes death each week. We all love Jen. Always so friendly, fun and bringing a great atmosphere with her to every class, here is Jen’s interview….

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Tiff Finney Pole Physique

The Joys & Woes of Creating a Pole Piece. Basically Woes.

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The joys and woes of preparing a pole piece. Mainly woes. Basically woes.

Most pole dancers will put together a pole performance piece at some point in their pole journey. Whether at professional level or student, I reckon that most of us go through the same painstaking, gruelling, soul sucking process. How many do you agree with……?

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