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Pole Physique Easy Access

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We know that it can be a pain writing a website in the URL, finding a website by going through emails or Facebook and navigating through websites to find the page you want and then having to go through the whole booking process after that too. So, we have a solution. Just save the web page straight on to your mobile home screen as a makeshift app for free. Its mega quick and easy and will save you buckets of time each time you want to use the website to book classes or have a look at our website in general. Just 3 straight forward steps that takes 30seconds. I use this myself too! The steps are for iPhone. Other smartphones may vary slightly. Here we go..

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Tiff Finney in her 10inch heels

Pole Physique Showcase

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So, its time for YOU to perform. Pole Physique have spent the last few years really going to town on being the best Academy it can be. The main priority has been ensuring that the classes and their content are the highest standard of quality they can be, and without tooting too loudly on the ol’ horn, we are achieving just that. So now it’s time for YOU, your instructors and fellow students to have your very own showcase to show your friends and family just how hard you have worked and why you are proud to be a part of the Pole Physique Family. So let’s discuss deets..


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A list of frequently asked questions about Pole Physique

‘Heel Me’ at Pole Physique

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We have a brand new and unique Weekend Workshop that you can’t get anywhere else!! HEEL ME. Tiff is known for her shoe footwork and has perfected everything there is to know about how to walk, balance, dance, swirl, drag, clack and slink in those platform heels. It’s a one of a kind workshop that is a staple if you don’t want to feel like Bambi on ice whenever you put your heels on…

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Pole Physique Featured Student of the Month

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Our February Featured Student of the Month is… Debbie! Well. This girl, what can we say? Every Monday evening at 5:45pm, Deb can be found sitting at the entrance to the studio after her full shift at work in town before Tiff gets there to open up. We get to chat about the weekend whilst Tiff just mainly stares at Deb’s always perfectly coiffed rockabilly hair. This monday she was donning a gorgeous bhindi, along with her trademark red lips, tattoos and big smile. Debbie is always smiling and is a joy to teach as she has a warm and infectious personality and is happy to perfect a trick no matter how long it takes. This is admirable as it can be difficult to not get that trick over and over. But you can bet that she will keep going until she slam dunks it every time. We interviewed Debbie to find out all about her pole journey so far….

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