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Pole Fitness versus Pole Dance…is there such a thing?

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So here’s the the thing right: Many pole schools and such advertise being as ‘fitness’ based as opposed to dance based. This is abso-cool. BUT: Many actively insinuate (or just downright state) that pole schools covering full aspects of pole ‘dance’ is not going to get you fit the same way, SAY WHAAAAT!!? There are MANY MANY reasons that dismiss this and even turn it completely on its head. All styles can get you so much fitter and stronger but I have to say:

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like… Don’t Say It Tiff, Don’t Say It…

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So the festive period- this is when we are all expected to fit-nay-slip into sparkly little numbers, have no body hair in order to maximise the overall look of said sparkly little number (but plenty of hair on the head that’s coiffed and manipulated to within an inch of its life) and then shake it like we mean it despite restrictions of that bloody sparkly little number! Office parties and Christmas nights out with pals are exciting but also daunting. It’s tradition to get intoxicated and go a bit wild but NOT to be the person that ends up wearing donner meat as earrings and the pitta bread as a clutch whilst singing the national anthem on the roof of your granddad’s local.

So, we need to PREPARE!! I have fallen on fail safe techniques that I’ve learned over the last few years.

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Sexy Back (as in ‘return’ – not the body part)

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From the annual ‘United Pole Artists-Sexy Back’ fortnight where polers from across the world aim to bring the sexy style back to the pole, the first live show took place in London last week!! Not only was I like jelly with excitement at the thought, I got asked to perform too. The UK’s top authentic sexy style pole dancers got together to perform to a hungry audience and via livestream in a proper gorge venue.

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